Hidden Paintings of Osman Hamdi


Did you hear Osman Hamdi before?

Osman Hamdi Bey was born in 1842 as a citizen of the Ottoman Empire. He was an administrator, intellectual, and art expert. Also, he was a painter.

Osman Hamdi is an important figure in Turkey. Because he was the first archaeologist and also the first art historian. He found the first museum here. He was the founder of the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi (Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts).

And besides these, he was the first mayor of the Kadikoy.

Osman Hamdi is an idol to me. I heard his name with The Tortoise Trainer painting for the first time a few years ago. What a shame. I am 33 and knew nothing about Osman Hamdi just a few years ago. I wish I had learned much earlier.

I bought a new book a few months ago and loved it. You can search for many paintings made by Osman Hamdi, but you cannot find nue drawings made by Osman Hamdi. It is understandable; I did not wait for any nue drawing from an Ottoman painter because of the Islamic effect. Nudity is not allowed in Islam, so Osman Hamdi was Muslim. You can wait for no nudity from his works.

But, that book contains a few hidden works of Osman Hamdi. The book’s name is “Unknown Paintings of Osman Hamdi – Prof. Mustafa Cezar / Ferit Edgu”. The book was published in 1985. It contains a lot of different drawings and paintings by Osman Hamdi. But I want to focus on a few ones. My choice reason is trying to change thoughts of art in oppressive countries. As I said, I thought Osman Hamdi had not been curious about the human body in art, but I was obviously wrong. He just did not publish because of hesitation from the community. You see, art always impresses itself. It doesn’t matter how you hard try to block that.

Anyway, I will stop talking, and there are the hidden pieces.

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